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Finding Harmony in Relationship Conflict

TWO MUSICIANS ON DIFFERENT NOTES Michael and Jonathan sat uneasily on the couch with a safe distance between them for the first Oral History Interview.  For me to see both of them on the computer screen, I asked them to move closer and they laughed nervously. Both are gifted musicians who support their partner’s career […]

TEAM CBT Australia Training for Therapists

Are you frustrated with not getting the results you would like with some depressed or anxious clients? Are you concerned that standard techniques seem too cold and cognitive? Are you tired of training that seems to be purely academic and not practical or effective? Training in TEAM CBT has the potential to address these problems […]

How to train just about anybody!

How to train just about anybody! Do you ever have great ideas which seem wonderful at the time but take a lot longer to implement than you ever anticipated? That is the story with Phoenix, my 4 month old, hypo-allergenic Cavoodle puppy. You see Phoenix here looking angelic and so well behaved! What the photo […]

Self-soothing or Taking a Break.

Self-soothing or Taking a Break. Don’t you just hate it when you are trying really hard to do the right thing and you still get blasted?  It is really upsetting to be misunderstood and seen as the bad guy when you are using all your discipline not to make things worse. That was the complaint […]

Replace Contempt With Appreciation

Replace Contempt With Appreciation How is your relationship is going with the extra time together during the lockdown?  Are you getting tired of avoiding certain topics for fear of starting one of those disagreements that could rage out of control, or more likely, just end in stony silence? Are you continuing to put on a […]

Effective Conflict the Gottman Way

Effective Conflict the Gottman Way It becomes so discouraging to have repeated arguments where nothing gets resolved.  It is no wonder that many people try to just shut up, keep the peace or avoid the issue.  But it has become more difficult to avoid issues during the enforced restrictions of COVID 19.  Those annoying habits […]

Manage Conflict like a Pro

Manage Conflict like a Pro Don’t you hate it when well-meaning professionals get on their soapbox and start preaching about what couples should do to fight fair or resolve conflict?  It all sounds so removed from the real world of nitty-gritty arguments when tempers run high and you definitely don’t feel like practising acts of […]

Managing the COVID-19 Impact

Managing the COVID-19 Impact  It is not easy adjusting to the massive changes of the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been so many special events cancelled. Weddings, graduations and even funerals are restricted.  Contact with friends and colleagues have moved to online or via Zoom. Simple pleasures like catching up for coffee seem a distant memory.  […]

A Valentine’s Day to Remember!

A Valentine’s Day to Remember! There is so much commercialism around this day it is little wonder some become disillusioned. Maybe you are cynical when you see yet another image of romantic couples gazing into each other’s eyes. Or maybe you secretly wish your partner would just know what you want and surprise you with […]