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Relationships are important. When they are not working out, the pain can be overwhelming.

Are you tired of trying to make the best of your marriage or relationship? Or hoping it gets better once the kids get older? On a bad day, you might even catch yourself thinking, “I just can’t do this any longer”. You don’t fight, but you don’t talk or laugh much either. Or maybe you’re deeply hurt by the same bitter arguments with your partner. Harsh words come out of the blue and you keep going over old issues. Nothing ever gets resolved. Nobody wins. Perhaps the pain of infidelity or other disappointments seems insurmountable.

Psychotherapy services in these areas of specialisation:  Couples, Grief & Loss, Clinical Hypnosis

  • • Heterosexual couples
  • • LGBT couples
  • • Mixed heritage couples & Interfaith couples
  • • Neurodiverse couples
  • • Weekend Intensives for Couples
  • • Married and unmarried
  • • With children or without
  • • Young or elderly couples and anything in between
  • • Grief and loss
  • • Clinical Hypnosis

Robyn Blake-Mortimer

BA (Hons),Grad Dip Ed, Grad Dip Spec Ed,
Grad Cert Gifted Ed, M.Psych (Clin), Dip Clin Hyp.

Relationship Therapist

My name is Robyn Blake-Mortimer and I love my work as a fully Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist. You might also call me a marriage counsellor, a coach, or a wise guide to the things that make relationships work.

I know first-hand the pain of broken relationships and can empathize with how difficult it is to manage intense emotions of disappointment and grief.  I remain incurably optimistic about a couple’s ability to change and rejuvenate their lives.

Nothing is more satisfying to me than hearing my clients say that I helped them save their relationship.  That happens more and more regularly now as I have expanded my library of interventions with further training with leaders in diverse fields of therapy and counselling.

I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and 20 years of experience helping people through therapy using innovative methods including hypnosis.  I love helping couples reconnect with each other and learn the skills to rebuild their relationship  especially when the pain of disappointment is really strong and emotions run high.  I have been successful in helping couples to recover from the pain of infidelity, the grief of infertility, the sadness of empty nests, bereavement and cultural clashes.


In the words of John and Julie Gottman;

“Successful long-term relationships are created through small words, small gestures, and small acts.  A lifetime of love is created every single day you are together.

Our motto is:
Small Things Often.

It is the small positive things done often that make the difference.”
The Art and Science of Love. A Weekend Workshop for Couples

Gottman Certificate - Robyn

Robyn Blake-Mortimer
Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist.

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