Clinical Hypnosis?  Yes! Hypnotherapy? No!

Have you ever wished for an easy solution to your problems of low self-esteem or your struggle with grief or depression?  If so, you are not alone.  I know I have often dreamed of a magic wand or special technique which would remove all my issues and I would not have to do anything.  The fantasy was that I could be hypnotised and come out as a better person!  After all, if stage hypnotists can make people flap like a chicken, why not have hypnotherapy to turn me into the best, wisest and most confident version of myself?

In truth, neither real life nor hypnosis work like magic.  That is why leaders in the field such as Michael Yapko and Stephen Gilligan avoid the term “hypnotherapy” because it has such a history of preconceived ideas which are just wrong.  Hypnosis is not a style of therapy.  By itself it cannot cure anything or produce lasting change.  You will still have to do work to build the life you want or to develop a good relationship with yourself.

You might think, that is bad news so why advertise this service?  Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness…. In the hands of an experienced psychologist or therapist, hypnosis can lead to new insights, deeper self-awareness and a stronger commitment to applying the skills taught in therapy.


How does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis takes the learning from cold, “head knowledge” to lived experience which resonates in the gut and the heart.  I love the creativity and gentle energy this tool adds to my work.  In a time when mindfulness and meditation are so popular, hypnosis has a special place and many clients find it to be extremely helpful. It can connect the client to their own strengths and resources to use in their lives.  I record the hypnotic suggestions on the client’s smartphone so they have the added value of listening to it at home.

Clinical Hypnosis with Couples

In times of angry outbursts or when they are too upset to take in new information, hypnosis can help them to relax, to reset the atmosphere in the room and to focus on why they got together in the first place.  It is beautiful to witness moments of tenderness after hypnosis when they share their positive memories of special times together.  Then they are in a much better position to resume difficult conflict discussions or negotiations.

Blessing from Michael Yapko,

Robyn-Your gentle and poetic nature are exquisite resources to utilize in all kinds of new and creative ways… I look forward to discovering where you apply them….
All best wishes, Michael D. Yapko
Fly leaf, Trance work, 4th Edition

My Hypnosis Experience

I have been using hypnosis with my clients since 2003 and have undertaken hundreds of hours of additional training in it with international experts such as Dr Michael Yapko,  Dr Stephen Gilligan and Dr Jeffrey Zeig from The Ericksonian Foundation.  I have a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and have served on the teaching faculty of the South Australian Association of Hypnosis, (SASH).  I find hypnosis to be the most wonderful way to reinforce the ideas we discuss in therapy.

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