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Stress Busters for the Holidays -1

Stress-buster for the holidays

Have you noticed that the stores are even more crowded and the pressure is on to commit to more social engagements?  There is so much to do and the notion of peace on earth sounds like a fairytale to you when family divisions are so obvious.  It seems like nobody understands, least of all your partner.

It might even seem ironic that you are so far away from the relationship you want or what you originally signed up for.  Instead of being an oasis of safety and comfort it can start to feel like a working relationship with 2 people stretched to the limit.

This is the time to hit the pause button on your day, take a step back and breathe deeply.  Just breathe deeply. Slowly counting to 4 on each breath in and then again on each breath out.

Keep this soothing pattern of deep breathing going as you imagine filling your lungs and your heart with peacefulness and maybe even love.  Then releasing any stress or frustration on the breath out.  Some people add words of affirmation like, “All will be well, or It is OK, You can do it!”

I love this simple technique and have used it to assist hundreds of my clients to better manage their stress.  It is your chance to settle in and settle down to build your own peace on earth.

I invite you to play with this technique over the next week.  There is a reason the words “just breathe”,  have become a cliché, it works!

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Alternatively, book an appointment for stress management in the New Year.

Best wishes,

Robyn Blake Mortimer

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