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Stress Busters for the Holidays - 3

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The stress reducing conversation! How did you go with the breathing techniques? I had a few situations involving traffic jams and conflicting demands where I needed to slow down and just breathe. It is good to find the techniques I share with…
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Stress Busters for the Holidays - 2

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Reducing Stress I am convinced that the best way to prepare for the holiday season is to invest in the relationship. When I run the Gottman Art and Science of Love Weekend Workshops for Couples there are gender differences in what people want. …
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Stress Busters for the Holidays -1

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Stress-buster for the holidays Have you noticed that the stores are even more crowded and the pressure is on to commit to more social engagements?  There is so much to do and the notion of peace on earth sounds like a fairytale to you when…
Holiday Season

Preparing for the Holiday Season

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Welcome to the Holiday Season! Stuff to buy is everywhere. Shopping aisles are filled with trappings to assist happy, intact families celebrate together.  In the USA we are on a countdown from Thanksgiving to New Year for non-stop partying…